Stab. vector fin kit 0,8sqm

Stab. vector fin kit 0,8sqm
2 pcs


Side-Power Vector Fins™

Vector fins™ features:

  • Up to 50% more efficient than flat fins.
  • Up to 55% less side effects than flat fins.
  • Advanced hydrodynamic fin design.
  • 20% - 50% less resistance than other fins, results in virtually no loss of speed and thereby no added fuel consumption.
  • All fins are prepared for high efficiency in "Any Speed" - 2:1 size ratio, also "At Anchor".
  • The fins are made as a "one shot" vacuum injected vinylester process over pre-shaped core material in a closed mold method.
  • Designed with rowing and math layers to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. Can even withstand small damages without totally disintegrating afterwards as traditional production methods often allows.

Side-Power Vector fins™ Måttskiss

Vector fin VF800
Fins have zero weight in water.
US Patent US9527556 - Australian Patent AU2013335369 - Patent pending PCT/NO2013/050067
Size (m2 • ft) 0.80 • 8.61
A (mm • in) 1412 • 55.9
B (mm • in) 736 • 28.9
C (mm • in) 458 • 18